We got the idea to perfect the lingerie and delicates wash bag after seeing what kind of failing and useless products were already on the market.

There are a lot of terrible bags out there, and their mistakes were immediately clear. Each business owner producing these laundry bags were so intent upon keeping profits high, they were making the bags as cheaply as possible.

Super loose weaves, cheap polyester material that will come apart after one wash, extremely cheap zippers, and just “run of the mill” sewing. All to produce a bag at high profit regardless of how it performed.

Our Mesh Technology

So at IX Better Home, we redesigned the classic bag starting with the actual polyester material itself.

We purchased the strongest, and softest polyester blend that feels silky smooth to the touch and won’t cause harm to fabrics from the bag itself. We then set out to create a weave that is smaller than the average bra hook, to prevent snagging from bras inside the bag and everything else in the washing machine.

In fact we brought the mesh gap size down further to prevent even LINT from going through our mesh.

Our Reinforced Zipper

Of course adding a strong plastic zipper was a no brainer for us. A plastic zipper doesn’t rust and is quiet in that wash, why have a clanking, rusty, metal zipper when you are washing expensive and soft satin?

We then set out to make the zipper strong and attach it to the bag in the most secure way possible. To accomplish that, we bought 5 new industrial sewing machines in 2015 to ensure a tight and even stitch.

Then we double stitched it.

We increased the strength of the zipper handle (a harder, plastic) and then turned the whole thing lavender to really set us apart from the competition.

Our Low Prices

After all that effort starting way back in 2013, we set out on the market to really offer this great bag at a very affordable price. But here is the catch: We don’t want to compete on price.

True, we could have offered the bag for pennies but we did not want the low price to give the impression that the bag was made cheaply, so we offered it “inexpensively”.

With several WashGuard bundle packages priced under $10 on Amazon, WashGuard resonated with consumers looking for this exact washing solution.

Over 20,000 units of WashGuard were sold in 2014

With less than 1/2 of  1% defect or customer dissatisfaction rate.


WashGuard in 2018

WashGuard has been no less than a fantastic endeavor so far and it continues to prove itself as a really valuable addition to any laundry room. Going through this year, we have a few improvement ideas:

  • Find a way to further enhance the quality of the product
  • Add some color to the bag (or offer colored or patterned bags)
  • Explore rubber-coated metal zippers
  • Bundle bra, lingerie and sock bags together
  • Create a jumbo bag

Those are the rough ideas we have been bouncing around so far…  of course there is always the goal of getting WashGuard into the big-box stores…. that will come in time as we improve this product to its pinnacle of value and performance.