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WashGuard is our brand of premium mesh wash bags for laundry. They are designed to protect your expensive clothes whenever you wash and dry them.

Simply put articles of clothing into a WashGuard bag, zip the bag closed and toss into your washing machine. Wash your clothes as indicated on their label, or as you prefer.

The mesh bag will allow water and detergent to to enter and your clothes will gently swish inside the bag, getting them clean.

Then toss into the dryer (if your garment cleaning instructions allow) and dry as you normally would.

Everything outside the wash bag, stays out of the wash bag.

Other clothes like jeans or zippered items can really do damage on fine fabrics. Usually the nicer the clothes, the more they cost.

WashGuard bags can be used over and over again for 1-2 years, keeping your garments from becoming dull and drab and looking newer longer.

Keeping a WashGuard wash bag handy in the laundry room is a wonderful way to save money.

We also make bags specifically for washing bras. Check out the store and see what we have to offer you.

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