Jennifer Whedon

My washer and dryer tend to eat our socks and undergarments; it always drives me absolutely insane when I go to fold laundry and things that I know that I for a fact washed have disappeared into the Narnia inside my Washer or Dryer. Upon receiving approval to review the WashGuard Lingerie bags for Laundry (both Medium and Large sizes) I knew exactly what I was going to wash in them! Socks, because one sock is usually tastier than the other, especially fun designed kids socks; for the medium sized bag. Other undergarments and undershirts in the large bag! I […]

Vanessa Alonzo

Today I was able to try a very durable laundry bag thanks to IX Better Home. When it arrived today in the mail I was a little hesitant to believe it as a medium laundry bag. It looked a little small to me. I quickly put it to the test and to my surprise it held at least two of my bras. One was padded the other wasn’t. I was rather surprised because it didn’t look like it would hold much. The bag itself it made out of a high quality mesh with a very durable zipper. The thing that […]

Atsidi Smith

this bag was one of the best choices I have ever made regarding my laundry.

I have been washing my lingerie in this bag for about a month now and believe getting this bag was one of the best choices I have ever made regarding my laundry. For years my delicate clothes have been ripped in the wash, however, it did not matter to me that much until this summer. I had just bought some beautiful expensive lingerie and wore them once then washed them. When they came out of the washing machine the lingerie was ripped and had holes all through them. I was devastated. That is when I decided I would not let […]

Maria Rocsana Nita

Great buying experience; the item was good quality and delivered on time. Very pleased with purchase overall.

Pauline W. Wilcox

Delivery very prompt. Seller is extremely helpful. Product is even better than he described. Whenever you are shopping and see an offering by this seller, I heartily recommend you consider his product. I doubt you will have regrets.

Megan J Czapla

The seller is amazing! They sent me 2 emails regarding my purchase saying they appreciated my business and also giving me tips on how to care for my delicates. I love their attention to detail with customer service — very unique.

Kim Richey

A personalized email after item arrival about its use and care. Very handy and informational!

Rika Danielson

6 stars out of 5! As soon as my item shipped (laundry bag), I received an email giving very helpful laundry tips. I’ve never received this kind of proactive service, and greatly appreciate the effort this company puts in to customer service.