Medium Wash Bag – 2 Pack

Great for smaller & single items

Lingerie Bags for Laundry – Ultra Fine, Zippered, Mesh Wash Bag Protects Delicates – Expensive Blouses, Hosiery, Bras and Underwear From Other Clothes in the Washer – No More Snags, Knotting or Napping Caused By Washing Even in Delicate Mode. Medium – 2 Pack

  • 11.5 x 15.5in (30x40cm) – DOUBLE Item Pack
  • Ultra Fine, Non-Abrasive Mesh Won’t Harm Your Clothes
  • Premium Construction, Will Protect Your Delicates for Years
  • Stain, stretch and Tear Resistant Material
  • Protective Zipper Cover for Extra Protection

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Delicate laundry items made with laces and silks often don’t fare well in the washing machine, even when you wash on the “delicates” setting.

If you’re tired of blouses, undergarments, and hosiery getting snagged and knotted while in the wash, this mesh wash bag offers an easy solution. Simply zip your delicates into these convenient lingerie bags for laundry for an easy safe wash.

  • The high-grade polyester blend mesh allows sufficient water permeation to get garments clean but is fine enough that it won’t cause abrasion to the clothing inside.
  • The medium bag measures 12 x 16 inches, large enough for skirts, blouses, camisoles, undergarments, scarves, and socks.
  • Keep socks together to make sorting easier, so you stop losing socks to the mysterious place socks always disappear when laundered.
  • The material is an ultra-fine mesh that remains durable after hundreds of washes.
  • Wash your delicate clothing in any wash cycle, with any detergent without fear of items being ruined.
  • Even stockings and laces stay looking like new when they are washed in this delicates wash bag.
  • Zipper fastening allows easy insertion and removal of items yet holds secure throughout rough wash cycles.
  • Perfect for travel, this mesh bag keeps expensive lingerie safe and organized in suitcases, even near items like keys, high heels, and zippers.

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8 reviews for Medium Wash Bag – 2 Pack

  1. Charley Cooke

    We have a dryer that has kind of an odd design inside of it, so any time we put an item into it that has a strap (bra, cami, tank top, etc) it gets stuck in the dryer door seal and rips off. It’s aggravating and it ruins a lot of our clothes. I have been using lingerie bags for those items for some time, but they cause problems too. The mesh can be cheap and fall apart, or it just doesn’t have quality construction. I received one of these in exchange for an honest review, so when it showed up in the mail, we ran a load of laundry right away so we could test it out. It feels awesome, is large enough to wash several items and is well made. It kept everything safe and together in the wash. I was so relived to have finally found a bag that would do what it said it would and not let me down. The mesh in this one is top quality, too. I could tell right away just from the feel of it that this wasn’t going to disintegrate and fall apart after a couple of washes. I’m so happy!

  2. CH

    I love these. On multiple occasions, Ive had problems with things getting ripped or tangled in the wash due to small straps, zippers, and hooks. Now I can just put the items that have these characteristics into the bags and throw them in to the washer. I also like these bags because I air-dry all my bras and underwear, so it makes finding them all much easier, because they are all together in the bag (and I save time not having to go through each piece before I put it in the dryer).

    I love them. It has made laundry astronomically easier and has yielded many great benefits. I am very happy with my bags! 🙂

  3. Kendall DeWeese

    These are well made products, the seams are well sewn and the fabric is strong. The bags have a good capacity. These will definitely prevent my laundry from getting eaten by the washer and dryer, I have lost way too many socks that way. I look forward to using these in many washings to come. So far so good, and I will update this review should something go wrong with the bags in the future.

  4. Jenna

    I bought these bags because I was having problems with tank tops and bra straps ripping in the wash. These bags are larger than I thought and made very well. They have taken care of the problem and I love them! Thank you!

  5. Renee Franklin

    These are very well made. I love not having to untangle my bras from the rest of the laundry now. It really protects what you put in it too. I was having a problem with the lace on my bras tearing in the wash. It did not happen when I used these bags. Amazing product Thank you!

  6. Kristen byers

    Great sturdy material. Zipper not cheap made either.mi received 2 medium bags so I gave one to my grandma who needed one since her nylon socks have been sticking together in the washer/dryer. Since using this bag she hasn’t had anymore issues. Mine on the other hand I use for my 4 yr old’s socks that seem to be eaten by the washer/dryer. The bag is plenty big for what we use them for. Keeps everything together. I have used to wash grass and tank tops before. However the medium size wouldn’t be ideal for tank tops unless you only put one in at a time (not big enough for them I believe). Don’t get me wrong the medium size is great and plenty big for bras/socks but anything larger I would recommend a larger bag size. This product is great and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thank you ixbetterhome for my my washer/dryer go hungry lol and my child has all her socks :)!

  7. Victoria Craven

    This is awesome. I needed some for my sheer shirts so I can wash them. They also come in handy for when I’m washing my bras. The one that I had before the zipper had snapped in half making it difficult to open and close. This bag is big enough that I am able to get either a shirt or a bra into it.

  8. SurvivingMomSteph

    I knew you traditionally used lingerie bags to hold delicates when you wash them to keep them protected from other clothes. I never really thought about using lingerie bags for tiny baby socks until I started to lose them. I say the washer ate them, but really I could have lost them at any point once they came off those little feet. I mean they go from the babies feet to the dirty hamper (hopefully), to a laundry basket, down to the basement to be sorted, and then tossed in the washer. I developed the habit of when I took off the baby socks I would put them directly into a lingerie bag I would hang from the dirty hamper. When it came time to do laundry all I had to do was unclip the bag, zip it closed, and toss in the laundry basket with the other clothes. It worked like a charm and I never lost another little sock, unless of course one of them took it off on their own when I wasn’t looking and tossed it.

    Any size lingerie bag will work, but I liked using a medium size bag a little smaller than 12in x 12in. The 2-pack WashGuard Lingerie Bags worked out great. I was always able to keep one attached to the clothes hamper. When I tossed one in the laundry basket to wash I grabbed the other one and hung it on the clothes hamper. It was such an easy thing to do, that I started doing it automatically and never thought twice about it.

  9. Heather Wilson-Hallmann

    I absolutely love having these laundry bags, as laundry has become much less stressful. I haven’t had a missing sock mate since I got these and started using them, which would be a relief for anyone! I also love not having to un-snag bra clamps from other laundry. These bags are medium size, and I feel comfortable putting 3-4 pairs of socks, or 2 bras in each bag per load. This works real well with my laundry schedule of every other day, and has become such a stress saver!! Thank you IX Better Home.

  10. Gabriela Morales

    I love to take care of my clothes. I’m really delicate when it comes to it. I separate everything. I bought this 2 medium pack. They are big enough to fit my bras. My socks and I don’t loose my pairs. The mesh material is an high quality one. The zipper is also great. It doesn’t open during the washing. I also throw it in the dryer when I use it for socks. I’m really happy with my purchase. They will last.

  11. Emily

    Great quality laundry bags. The mesh is very strong and the seams are sewn together well. The zipper runs smoothly and does not catch. They are the perfect size for bras, underwear and similar sized items. I am very happy with the set.

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