Large Wash Bag – 1 Pack

Great for a single larger items

This large wash bag will be very handy to have on the laundry room shelf.

Each bag measures 14.5 x 19.25 inches and is the right size for a favorite sweater, baby blanket or a nice throw.

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This ultra fine, premium, mesh laundry bag is the SECRET to keeping your delicate clothing looking like new and the SAFEST way to clean expensive lingerie, stockings and underwear.

– This specially constructed wash bag is made of a high quality polyester mesh blend that protects fabric and causes no abrasion from the bag itself.

– Save the cost of replacing your garments because of damage or excessive wear due to washing, even on the delicate cycle and NEVER deal with knotted hosiery again.

This special bag is safe to use in all wash cycles and with all detergents.

The construction quality and the grade of materials is the best on the market today.

Our medium bag measures approximately 12 x 16 inches, the right size for camisoles, blouses, skirts, dresses, a couple of scarves and 2-3 pairs of socks.

Our large bag measures approximately 15 x 20 inches, great for everything our medium bag is designed for as well as sweaters, small throws, fine bedding (pillow cases, shams, dust ruffles or sheets), baby blankets and more…

Don’t Stop There However…

Spare yourself the frustration caused by lost socks, knotted hosiery and stretched out sweaters.

Sometimes a set of keys, a credit card or pocket change can end up in the laundry. Special fabric clothes (like mosture wicking sports material) end up nappy or torn.

Not any more.

This is the only lingerie wash bag protected by a lifetime, no-hassle replacement guarantee.

Click the “add to cart” button at the top of this page to protect your delicate and expensive clothing right now, you’re going to LOVE it.

10 reviews for Large Wash Bag – 1 Pack

  1. Stephanie K

    I have been needing one of these bags for awhile. I’m tired of my bras getting tangled and stretched out. I’ve been using this lingerie bag for my bras, panties, workout clothes and some of my more delicate tops. This bag is such a nice size I will be able to put my nicer sweaters and cardigans in it over the winter for washing. I’m hoping now that I have this bag my delicates will last longer. My boys have actually asked if they can use it to wash their legos. They read somewhere that these bags are great for that purpose so none of them will get lost but they get a good cleaning. I guess we will be trying that too.

  2. Jennifer Whedon

    My washer and dryer tend to eat our socks and undergarments; it always drives me absolutely insane when I go to fold laundry and things that I know that I for a fact washed have disappeared into the Narnia inside my Washer or Dryer.

    Upon receiving approval to review the WashGuard Lingerie bags for Laundry (both Medium and Large sizes) I knew exactly what I was going to wash in them!

    Socks, because one sock is usually tastier than the other, especially fun designed kids socks; for the medium sized bag.

    Other undergarments and undershirts in the large bag!

    I have had such amazing results with laundry since I started using these bags! The washer and dryer are now dieting and behaving themselves beautifully!

    I absolutely love the quality of the bags, they are durable and made to last!

    With a family of six, I find myself constantly almost living in the laundry room just to keep everything caught up, these bags are virtual lifesavers!

    I highly recommend these Lingerie Laundry bags for anyone who is tired of losing their clothing to the washer and dryer!

    If you also have items that are more delicate that will go in the bags, they are great to wash those too!

  3. Julie Smart from

    I love the Wash Guard Lingerie Bag; it’s an ultra-fine, zippered, mesh wash bag. It’s made really good to help protect my clothes, I used it multiple times and it’s still like new. It’s a really good size and can hold more than one item at a time.

  4. Ariel Privette

    All I can say that this product is very handy especially when someone has a habit of losing their undergarments, especially socks, through the wash or even trying to dry the undergarments. I was very pleased with how nice material this bag is made out of. The bag can be used for multiple washes and the clothes do not stink being put into this bag. The undergarments come out clean and non-soapy as well. My undergarments, especially my socks, do not end up damaged or even lost with putting everything into the bag. You can put A LOT of garments into this bag, BUT DO NOT fill it up too full. The bag won’t work right with a washer with an agitator in the middle if the bag is completely full. I am VERY grateful that I was able to try out this product and do recommend this product to anyone.

  5. Know My Stuff

    The WashGuard Large Delicates Wash Bag is very nice to keep undergarments in especially while traveling. It is a washer and dryer bag that makes it safer to wash and dry lingerie, baby clothes, socks, and underwear. The laundry bag keeps soiled and clean clothes separate and organized while traveling which is very convenient. The laundry bag is made from a durable mesh material which also allows air to flow through the bag if you use them while traveling. The bag is sewn well and seems quite durable for continuous use without the stitching coming undone or the zipper breaking or wearing out.This laundry bag will prevent other colored clothes from staining your bras, lingerie, socks and underwear. This bag is so convenient even if not traveling. Bras won’t lose their shape and will last longer. No more missing socks because they can all be kept together while waiting to be cleaned, being washed and dried.

    My daughter uses it because she flies often and does use it to keep clothes separated in her luggage. It is also helpful when she washes clothes because she uses a lot of different machines and some were causing damage to her more delicate clothes. Now they will be in one of the bags and be more protected. It’s not easy to be on the go 5 days a week and have to worry if you do a load of laundry you might lose something or the machine might damage it and you can’t just run out to replace it. She has really enjoyed having this bag with her and she had never even found one before that had a zipper. The large bag is white with a pink zipper. I now need to find it in a different color scan so I can get one for my son because he is a flight attendant and would like to use it to separate his clean and dirty clothes and keep socks and underwear from getting lost or damaged but, he would prefer maybe a white/blue or white/green color scan. They are definitely helpful, convenient and great for traveling, keeping delicates together and more protected so they last longer. So whether you’re traveling all the time or you just want your delicates or baby clothes to last longer get your WashGuard Large Delicates Wash Bag today or maybe you know someone this would be a great gift for. Get one or a couple for yourself or give them as gifts anyone receiving this item would be very happy.

    It is great for travel, keeping socks together, keeping bras separated, and even baby clothes separated while washing. Everyone will love it!

  6. Cassandra Booth

    I have found this bag to be very handy in not only my delicates being washed but also in cleaning my dry clean only items. I like that its sewn very securely and the zipper is easy to open. No snagging or pulling occurs and its very durable. I think its a must for every woman to own atleast one of these.

  7. Stacy A

    Great delicate’s wash bag! I have used this now several times and it has worked like a charm. All my items have come out looking just like when put into the wash. Now, I no longer need to worry about ruining my expensive bras and underwear when washing them! It’s a very fine mesh with no worry about any hooks from bras getting stuck or pulling on other clothing. Very happy with this bag I’m going to buy a few more for my friends!

  8. Rigel Celeste

    I have quite a bit of rayon in my wardrobe and it’s always labeled as “hand wash only,” which is a huge pain. I tried this garment bag as a way to put them through the machine (on the gentle/handwash cycle) and it works great! The bag is soft and smooth, so it doesn’t snag or wear on delicate fabrics or details (like embroidery), and it keeps other items from rubbing on it as well. I use this large size for one top at a time usually, although it can fit two smaller items (like summer tanks).

  9. Tiffany Taylor

    My dryer’s lint trap doesn’t always stay in place and it often snags straps on tank ops or bathing suits and rips them up. We’ve lost so many things to that lint trap, but we can’t afford to replace our dryer. This bag is great! It’s big, so I can fit all my tank tops into it at the same time. I can use it for my bras and underwear, bathing suits, dress belts and anything else our dryer likes to eat. Thank you for this bag! It’s exactly what we needed in our home!

  10. Minnow Mom

    This bag is so helpful! The piece of elastic that covers the zipper end helps keep it closed and keep it from catching on clothes. The fine mesh is gentle yet effective. These are great not only for delicates… They’re also so helpful for small items like baby socks and onesies! A great product that simplifies laundry!

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