Large Bra Wash Bag – 2 Pack

Fits bra sizes up to about 40H

Finally a quality bra wash bag for larger sized bras!

These durable zippered bags with protective cages on both ends have been specially constructed to hold bra sizes  up to 40H.

2 layers of fine mesh that will not snag on bra hooks and will protect satin and lace from lint and napping. These handy bra wash bags also prevent underwire from bending as well as straps from becoming pulled out of adjustment.

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Every once in a while an innovative little product comes along that is worth it’s weight in gold.

We believe that WashGuard bra wash bags are one of those products.

It’s a tough little zippered cage to protect your expensive bras whenever you do wash. Like all good ideas, this one is simple but a lot of design went into this handy wash bag.

The large bra wash bag is only bag on the market that can hold up to a 40H bra.

We know that a good bra can regularly cost $65 or more, and we also know that you have more than one of them. It is actually quite an investment on your part. So we made the WashGuard lingerie and delicates wash bags and bra wash bags to protect your expensive undergarments and clothes from becoming damaged while washing.

These large bra wash bags are made with two layers of premium polyester mesh, with holes small enough to block lint from sticking to lace and to keep bra hooks from snagging.

We gave our bra wash bags a protective plastic shield insert on both ends to protect the underwire from bending and added a small tab for the zipper handle to keep the bag from opening.

Durable double stitching gives our bags a long life span, in fact we are still using some of our test bags in our own washers (going on three years now) to see when and if they will fail and they are still holding up very nicely.

These bags are also excellent to keep hosiery or stockings from becoming knotted and great for socks.

WashGuard is made and owned by IX Better Home in Oregon with old fashioned customer service so you will have no problem emailing or calling us right up and ALL of our products are replaced or refunded with no hesitation.

We want to earn your business with a great product, outstanding service and affordable prices.

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