Build Your Own Custom Bundle

Bundle your WashGuard Products and save 25%

Put together your very own custom bundle of any and all the products we manufacture.

This is a great way to get exactly the WashGuard products you need.

The products become discounted when bundled together so you save even more!

Please note, you can add only up to 4 of any one item (max 16 items in a bundle).

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Bundling products is an rewarding way to get exactly the products you want and save about 25% off the cost of buying each item separately.

To start simply hit the “Add Products” button to get started. You will be returned to the store page where a new “Add to Bundle” button will appear in each product box.

Add whatever products you like to the bundle.

When you are ready, view your shopping cart to adjust any quantities of each item (this is how you get up to 4 of the same item in each bundle).

Each bundle can have a maximum of 16 items.

Complete the checkout and it will be shipped to you within about 3-5 days. Thank you for your business!


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