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How Many Bras can a Bra Bag Hold?

Obviously bra sizes and dimensions vary greatly so we can provide a pretty close approximation to the capacity of these bags.

What we consider to be the “max” capacity of these bags is two 36 D cup bras in one bag.

Of course you may be able to fit 3 A or B cups because there is less bra material taking up space.

Of course what is true with all WashGuard bags, remember to leave a little room inside (don’t over fill the bag). That leaves plenty of room for soap and water to penetrate the bag and with room the garments can move within the bag itself for better cleaning.

How Much Should I put Into Each Bag?

This is a very common question and for that we have constructed this clear answer:

Fill the bag about 2/3 full with garments.

For the medium bag this is 2-3 camisoles, a skirt or short dress, or 5-8 pairs of underwear.

For the large bag the loading rule of thumb is almost double that of the medium bag. In addition you can wash items such as  one throw, baby blanket or one full dress, 1 maybe 2 sweaters but we usually keep it to just one sweater.

Delivery and Returns


All of our orders are generally shipped within 24 hours of purchase and will usually be shipped via USPS First Class or Priority mail, or whichever you have determined at checkout.

In the case of free us domestic shipping, all orders will be Priority Mail 3-5 day shipping.

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Returns and exchanges can be made free of charge for the first 30 days after purchase and will be processed withing 24 hours of the request being made.

In the event of a return, we may want to communicate with you via email and/or send you a stamped envelope to return your product free of charge.

Refunds are available without question on any product for 30 days and will be processed within 24 hours.

In some instances we may want to examine the item that has been refunded for any manufacturing flaws that we feel we might need to address. In this event we will send you a return envelope with postage to send the product back to us free of charge.

Returning a product is not necessary to get a refund.

There are no refunds after 30 days.


Currently this site takes Amazon Payments (using your existing Amazon account)and Paypal (no account needed) and both are secure.

We do not accept credit cards or checks directly and no COD delivery.

We are looking into other popular forms of online payment including bitcoin but have not implemented any others at this time.

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Order Tracking

Regardless of the type of shipment used (either by our default or what you may have selected at checkout), a shipment tracking number may not always be available.

You certainly can call us, email or message us on Facebook and we can usually provide some more information.

In most cases, a tracking number will be emailed to you (and also available on this site when you log in) for your convenience.

What is the best way to load a bra into the wash bag?

The best way we have found is to invert one of the two bra cups and place them cup-to-cup in the bag. Like two spoons together.

That allow you to put another bra in the bag if you want to wash two in there.

You can also put one of the straps between the two cups to create a little space between them for extra water disbursement and slightly better cleaning but it’s not 100% necessary.

So, short answer: cup to cup .